If you're sailing

Weather in Clymping

We have been blessed with a glorious and lengthy summer at the cottage this year and aside from one regular visitor who ordered his “usual glorious weather” only to be hit by the first rain for months; it has generally been a delight to holiday in Clymping this year.

As well as being in the South East, which is generally warmer and drier than most parts of the UK, in Clymping, we have the added advantage of our micro climate.

Although it is not particularly unusual to find the sky clearer anywhere on the coast due to sea breezes, in Clymping we have a few more topographical advantages which help to keep the rain at bay.

If you're sailing

Just behind us are the magnificent South Downs attracting showers away from us. This works in a similar way to the way in which rain falls around mountains where the changes in temperature affect precipitation around them and create rain shadows.

Also, the prevailing direction of incoming weather in the UK is from the South West and we are fortunate to have the land masses of Selsey and the Isle of Wight just off to the West and South of us. So, if the showers do come in from that direction and do not get pulled up into the South Downs, they are likely to work themselves out over these prominent land masses just ahead of us. Again, this leaves us in a rain shadow in all but the most persistent of conditions.

All of these factors together mean we have above average sunshine compared to the rest of the country and the nearby resort of Bognor Regis, where records are taken, is officially the sunniest place in the UK.

If you are not one of our guests, but live locally, it is also worth noting how different it can be down on the beach as opposed to up in the Downs. This can be as extreme as clear blue skies over Clymping Beach whilst it is grey and rainy just North of us. We frequently enjoy a sunny day on an empty beach as most condemn the day due to the showers and clouds where they live. They are not alone though, I remember one very embarrassing day when I made the mistake of looking out of one of the cottage windows looking over the beach and sea to gauge the weather and then set off to wave a few golfing bats about donning a short sleeve shirt and shorts only to spend the entire round playing in the rain!

Here’s to wonderful rain free holidays and golf!